bare white

bare white


Happy Birthday Jesus!

The most amazing Tree Farm in Michigan - Mott's Tree Farm - was visited by little ole' us over Thanksgiving! 
This is a favorite place of mine and I LOVE going there. I just love this time of year - family, friends, yummy food and celebrating our Saviour's birth. 

Can you see why - just feels like a home!
My brother and his sweet girl friend Ginger - we were looking for a tree for his house!
 my and my man...who refuses to smile just to drive me crazy

 The Gang in front of THE tree
 Tank being a great helper to the guys - he carried the heavy end of course 

Kobo decorating our tree at home 
bitty decides to stand and walk when nobody is looking...sweet, stubborn girl!


bitty turns 1 - 10-15-10

As Christmas is approaching like a bullet train, I thought I better post some of our fall! 

This was Bitty's Birthday weekend - Mimi & Pop came to visit from Michigan and we knew where we wanted to take them. This fall we found these beautiful trails by our house and have taken many hikes there.  We are actually anxiously awaiting the snow so we can go for a snow hike too. 
But this particular weekend was a gorgeous, crisp, colorful fall weekend - perfect for celebrating somebody turning ONE!

 Mimi happened to bring some hiking binoculars! They were a HIT!

The sweet & spicy  birthday girl! Crusty nose, crumby mouth & all

A race to the top

Tank running all the way up

even Bitty loved it! weeeee!

 a RARE moment, a quick moment!

wasps nest! so incredible seeing the intricate details...mim tried tell the kids a bear knocked it out of the tree...I have since been trying to tell them bears don't live in Illinois...thanks Mimi! For some reason though, Mimi is NEVER wrong!

Another Fun find!

Sweet Tank talked pop into this

He almost fell asleep!

My mom and Bitty 

I cannot believe she is one! Oh where oh where did this time go?!? I am so thankful for every moment of her life - Thank you Lord for this sweet girl!

Bobo  thought it was SO cool he was on a bobcat!! 

Arae enjoying her famous stare!

Finally - he gave up the ghost! Love this boy!