bare white

bare white


Birthday boy(s)

 In July and August we had a few birthday celebrations - 1st DJ turned 35 on the 25th of July. His dad's birthday is 5 days before his and my dad's birthday is 2 days after his.
It was a beautiful day for a celebration and nothing complete's a birthday with the Whitehouse like a Cookie Cake (decorated so lovely by my sister in law)

We even made a sign...okay I made a sign ... yes I spelled birthday wrong and YES I homeschool my kids...this is scary!

This birthday boy chewing something  - he will LOVE me for this picture :)

bitty and momma...thanks Arae for taking pictures!!

only the best jelly beans will do -  starburst jelly beans

Then this month we celebrated Tank's 3rd birthday! He has been counting down the days since I have had birthday present up in the closet for him for about 3 months or so - he found out it was for him and could barely stand it.
We just do family birthday parties around here... and honestly - I really like it this way. It is simple and the kids love it and they really don't know any different. Arae has only had one birthday party a couple of years ago and I decided after that, I really like family's just a personal decision. I don't like my kids being bombarded with makes it very hard when you are trying to raise grateful kids...for me anyway. Like I said, just a person decision. Maybe as they get older we'll have a friend over, but honestly, I am looking more forward to just Jason and I taking each one out individually and doing things with them that they will remember forever (hopefully)...birthday dates! We are hoping to start this, this year with Arae - I can't wait! I already have a few ideas in store.

back to Tank...we flew kites - again, a perfect evening - high 70's with a wind - perfect for kites.

his uncle helping him out

He loved it...for a bit anyway - he was very excited for gifts :)

nothing is better than pure excitement on a childs face

typical 'Tank-face' as he is listening to daddy read his cards

he even liked the cards

this little one was having a rough couple days with teeth cutting through (though you don't know it by this face)

here it is (not the present in our closet) drumroll.....

YES! he was thrilled with his golf clubs! We had been watching him play "baseball" as if he were playing golf for months now - and he has quite the little swing - so we thought he would like some real clubs...and he did!

So did DJ - I'm really not sure who was more excited!

showing him the bag

carrying the bag...ofcourse all by himeself

DJ helping him with the first swing - it took him a bit to get used the the weight of the clubs

then he was ready....just everyone STAND back!!!

showing him the other club

Bobo was very excited too!

he smacked it good and was so proud!....hence the crazy hair dance!

Missionary friends of Emily and Frank were in town and one of them  braided Arae's hair - she loved it!

Cake time...this is where Arae took over pictures and did a great job!

By his face you can probably tell, he loved his worm cake!

It has been a good Summer! I can't believe we already have 1 week of school down - crazy! Like I have said before and will say for many years to come - time flies so I am trying not to blink!


Cinnamon and Sugar breakfast bites

The other day the boys and I were in the baking mood - so we found this AMAZING recipe for Scrumptious Baked Breakfast Bites at Oh My! Sugar High

Let's just say - not only were they scrumptious but they lasted all but 2.2 seconds.  They really were delicious!

Here are the ingredients (and we had everything on had...perfect!)

Sorry about the silhouette - I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention to my pictures 
The boys mixing the Cinnamon and Sugar....and really getting into in!

Here they are all rolled...yes the boys helped me roll them all

Then you dip them in butter

Then you roll them in cinnamon and sugar....Tank and Bobo LOVED this part

back to the cookie sheet 

Perfection!! The only thing I would change....double the recipe next time!

Ingredients :
1-1/3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup crisp rice cereal, coarsely crushed
2 tablespoons plus 1/2 cup sugar, divided
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter-flavored shortening
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup butter, melted

Mix flour, crushed cereal, 2 tablespoons sugar, baking powder and salt in large bowl.
Cut in shortening fork until the mixture resembles crumbs.
Add milk and stir just until moist (my sister hates this word so I had to use it)
Roll dough into approximately 2 dozen 1 inch balls.
Mix cinnamon and remaining sugar in a small bowl. Drop balls into melted butter and roll in cinnamon sugar mixture...roll really well
Place balls onto greased - or silt pat- cookie sheet.
 Bake at 425 degrees for 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for a few minutes in pan on wire rack before removing.
Enjoy with a nice tall glass of milk....we sure did!!


shooting my kids

I had the vision and inspiration yesterday, so I got the kids ready for what I knew was going to be a great shoot.  I got them all dressed and told them they could pick the location.  They LOVE these old trucks and yes we have been there before - a couple of times - but they picked and I said okay!

We got out of the van...I was ready! Ready to conquer this session. Honestly I was just excited because  I haven't done this for a bit with ALL of the kids...a true session.


This was my first shot - I knew then we were in trouble.  We even had "the talk" before we got out of the van - but to no avail! So I just kept trying to get everyone on the same page and I kept shooting and shooting.  The older two are much easier to shoot than the younger two, obviously - but all 4 - next to impossible! 
(there were more of these shots to follow BUT...)

 then it clicked...literally 

 And it makes it so worth it when I walk away from a shoot with these images. I wish I could tell you I shot these gracefully the entire time, but I am afraid I didn't  - though I tried.  

Each of them are wearing something from the amazing Lilly Anna Kids - this whole shoot started with this dress - serious LOVE

These moments melt me! This picture makes my heart happy...I love when personalities are captured - that is my goal in every picture I shoot!

this is SO Tank

And the final one - This is who my kids are and I love it - perfectly, imperfect!


a few recent shoots - and "How to's" too

My sister is getting ready to have her first baby ... a girl! Her and her husband came to visit for the weekend - it was great! The weekend was full of sitting with feet up, laughing, talking, eating and surviving the heat. Oh and many walks with Charlie for the kids. 

AND we had to take a few pictures. 

So here are a coupled "How-To's" that I though you might like. 

When I am taking pictures of baby bellies,  OR having my picture taken when I am pregnant, I like shooting from all different angles....especially the one that makes me look the least "BIG". It doesn't matter if you gain 20lbs or 70lbs, you feel large. So I am always looking for the perfect, most flattering angle and one that also shows off the belly.

This is definitely a favorite shot - from above - I Love seeing the belly this way and it is flattering to momma

outtakes...always a must! Yes I give outtakes to my clients because sometimes those are the ones that show personalities ( kids especially) the most

From the side - very flattering to the belly and face

Sweet moments from shot from above

On the TOTALLY opposite side - a product shoot, commercial shoot - I had the honor of shooting a few pieces for the amazing Lilly Anna Kids  She has fabulous clothing and "head fluff" as she calls it. I love the bright fun colors and how she thinks totally outside the box! You will be seeing more of her things on Arae coming up!
So here are a few images from that. 
Product shoots are different because you are showcasing the clothing mainly and you want to capture the details in the clothing BUT, you also want to see the child in them.  In a normal shoot it is so much about the face and expressions, but not as much for a product shoot 

I also knew I wanted the contrast of old, dirty, rustic wood with her fun, bright, girlie outfit - Contrast is a GOOD thing!

Love these - face in focus and leggings out, then the opposite - face out of focus and leggings in
LOVE this lighting!!

I don't shoot anything crazy with props, but how perfect - a vintage, old school desk

and that fab desk again!