bare white

bare white


Sweet 8

I realize I am working backwards...sometimes I think that is just how I work best.

Our Christmas gift 8 years ago came in the form of a sweet baby girl. We hadn't been married for even a year yet - she was and is our honeymoon baby.  We grew up a lot during that pregnancy and after she was born.
Jason laughed when we found out, I cried. I couldn't believe I was pregnant.  But God knew what He was doing and He knew a little girl would be the best gift we could have asked for or imagined.
So the day after our first Christmas as a married couple, she came. Once again, I cried! I could not have imagined the feeling of holding her for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday - the feelings and emotions....overwhelming.
She changed our world then and still does.  (And she LOVES Chicken Garlic pizza....that's my girl!)
 She is my " just so" girl, my rule follower, my little "mom", my bossy girl, my know-it-all, my tender heart. She is so tender hearted to people of all ages....and enjoys visiting at the nursing home.
She likes traveling to new places - I am certain central Illinois will not be able to hold her down.
 She is so aware of God and His call in her life. She understands there is more to life than this world and it completely blows my mind....completely!
 She loves surprises and animals and is dying to get a Guinea Pig...hmmm I don't know if I am ready for that!
 Did I mention she is bossy??? (I am pretty sure my parents would say, "just like her Mama") This sweet girl has a servants heart and loves her brothers and sister. Yes they argue and fight and I'd be lying if I said I had never seen a punch or two or ten thrown, but they also love to play together.  They love to invent new things and Arae is convinced she is going to invent something like no one has before....well that is her dream today. Who knows what tomorrow holds (and this is where her daddy would say, "just like her mama" - I guess we have a hard time to committing to one thing)

We love you Arae - you bring so much joy into our lives. You are one sweet, precious gift!  And incase you weren't aware, you and your sister have your daddy wrapped around your have since the moment he saw you.  (just don't let him  in on this secret!)

Superhero vs Villain

 Bobo..."Mom, we don't deserve heaven...but God sure is nice to let us in His home. Mom, did you know God is the best Super Hero ever and he is going to fight the worst villain in the universe, satan."

This is what Bobo told me today - just a few short days after his 6th birthday.
For some reason it stopped me in my tracks....did this really just come out of his mouth? He is only 6 - did he realize what pure TRUTH there was in his words? How quickly I have forgotten...Our Heavenly Father INVITES us IN HIS HOME. Home is where the heart is right?? I can tell you where this little boy-man's heart is....not entangled with earthly things can we raise them so that "yet" will become forever? 

God is the best Super Hero and the cool thing is this little boy truly believes that....there is always a good guy and bad guy when he plays. He told me God is the only real Super Hero.  And yes, little man, he is going to fight the worst Villain ever...and guess what else? I know who wins! 

So he turned 6 and we celebrated! 6 years without a broken bone...nothing short of a miracle for him - stitches and glue yes, but no broken bones! 
He came SO fast 6 years ago...I didn't have time to even have help with the pain - and OH the pain! (To think they tried to send me home...I just knew he was almost here!!) But OHHHH the joy when we we saw him for the first time.
It is quite comical for DJ & I - he looks different than any of our other ones so far - and he has since the moment he arrived.
He pushes the envelope in everything he does - he lives to the HILT!
Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up.
He has very little fear and is willing to try just about anything.
He likes things just so, but not as much as his big sister.
He is funny and can tell a joke very well...sometimes too well!
He says profound things for his age and "gets" way more than we realize...just when you think he is not listening he will tell you word for word what we say.
He has a fiery personality....and his little sister is following suit.
He get's in trouble way more than his siblings....but he is our little leader in training.
AND, he is our most affectionate child. He loves giving kisses to us. 
Happy Birthday sweet, CRAZY bobo - We love you more than words can express!


homeschooling LOVES!

I have had several people asking me about curriculum lately and while I am NO expert on choosing it (trust me, I have wasted money on curriculum I have never used), I wanted to share one thing I LOVE...I mean LOVE!
Last year I found the Pathway Readers some how - I don't remember how or where exactly - but I am pretty sure it was another blog. We fell in love with the readers and then this past fall as I was ordering curriculum I went to their sight only to find they had an entire Language Arts program. I got it and did I mention I LOVE it - because if I didn't I want you to know I LOVE LOVE it! And so do the kids!

It really takes you back to the basics of learning.
It leaves out all the "frills"
It covers :
   reading comprehension
   sentence structure

And the stories are wonderful!!!
Here is one of the 1st grade books - the other thing I really like - the books are hardcover and easy on the pocketbook.
So that's my two sense (whatever it is worth) on something our family loves.

We LOVE Pathway Readers